Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


1.      Q: I am a student, how do I create an account?

A: You already have an account. Your information is imported into Marketplace from Connect. You will just need to use your email address as your username, and your password is the same one you use in Connect.

2.      Q: What if I do not remember my password or username?


A: You just need to click the “Forgot Password” or the “Forgot Username” button and the info will be emailed to you. 


3.      Q: I am a parent, how do I add money to my child’s Market Card account?

A: Parents can sign in using their own email address and password (same as Once the parent is logged in, you will see one of two things:  A Super User page pops up. The parent will see their name as well as their member’s name.  There is a “Login” button all the way to the right of the page, just down from each name. Click that login button next to your member’s name.  This logs the parent into the member’s page. The parent can then purchase a Market Card for your member and check out like you would on any other website. This way would also link to your member’s account.  OR - If for some reason the Super User Page doesn’t come up, a bright blue stripe will appear at the top of your page that says Super User. Please click on “Find User” and find your member’s name and proceed as explained just above.

4.      Q: I am a parent and want to order an item off of the Home Page?


A: We are in the process of working on this.


5.      Q: If I am a member, where will my order be delivered?


A: All non-GRS owned merchandise will be delivered to your sorority or fraternity house in bulk, but will be bagged and tagged with each individual name on the outside. Your fraternity/sorority has a specific process for distributing the products once received.  Please consult your Merchandise Chair for specifics.


6.      Q: How quickly will I receive my order?


A: Our vendors display a product on the website for approximately 2 weeks.  Once the order deadline has been reached, they produce the custom shirts and deliver to your Chapter House.  Approximate delivery time is 30- 45 days following order deadline.